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Dorcas with the sponsor who changed her life
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By Abuta Ogeto
Actuarial Scientist | Writer | Inspirational Speaker | Author | Thinker | Life EnthusiastMy names are Dorcas Wambua born in a family of five i.e. my two parents and my two sisters Miriam and Faith. I was born in a rich family but I grew up from a humble background.In 2003 when I was in class three my dad passed away and we were left helplessly and hopelessly with no place to call home since my dad’s family had rejected us and taken away all our wealth and belongings.

We had to live a dog’s life putting food on the table was a nightmare to us.
My mum worked tirelessly to keep us in school sometimes we could miss school due to financial break down. Days months and years came and went still in the same situation.

In 2005 my mum begun to get sickly, believe me not – life was miserable. To make it worse, by that time I was in class 7, so I had to drop out of school and work as a house-help for two years (2) in a monthly salary of 1000 shillings and I could safe only 500 shillings for school.
In 2007, my mum passed away leaving us with our little sister who was still breastfeeding. Life continued to get worse. We could only take a cup of porridge for supper the other two meals we would skip. After my mum’s burial, one of my aunt took me to her house, my little sister was left with my uncle’s wife while the older sister had gotten married since she could not cope with the situation. I left with my aunt to a place called Kibwezi where I schooled from class 7 through 8.
Unfortunately life was the same, like the saying goes – out of the frying pan into the fire. I would go to school in an empty stomach. My aunt hated me because I was one of the best pupils in the school and that I was still the best amongst her children. She exploited me by giving me a lot of tasks to do. From school I would go, fetch water with a bicycle – at the same time – prepare the food they ate and washed the dishes so that when I come I will justice they didn’t cook.
As such went on, teachers would bring me food to school and even our neighbors feel pity for me. She used to cane me mercilessly as if I was an animal. I managed to perform well in my K.C.P.E – with flying colors in fact.
I used to pray to God to open doors for us to which he performed a miracle – I got sponsorship with a white from Belgium and Netherlands. They took me to a children home. I was surprised to find my younger sister already there, tears of joy rolled down my cheeks surely what a miracle!

My sponsors took me through secondary education and right now am in the university. All the glory to God. Am now chasing my dreams of being successful lady in future to be a woman of integrity and to be a blessing to many, living as a testimony to many and whenever I retell my history people get encouraged, motivated and moved.

Therefore, everyone has a dream no matter how difficult the situation is trust in God and hope for prosperity in life for God has good plans for us in Jeremiah 29:11, Matthew 7:7 Ask and you shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened to you.
I’m now going to change my background from rags to riches and from nothing to something – all the glory to God. Let us all chase our dreams for they will take us far, for you need to observe the future and act before it comes. Yours dreams are an indicator of your potential and greatness. The creation of a thousand forests of opportunity can be found in one small a corn of an idea. Therefore visualize and have a vision because you will perish, focus on a future that is bright and make no plans to go backwards.

Dorcas at her office

Source: The Abuta Ogeto Inspiration


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