16 weird things that will only make sense if you studied at Kenyatta University Main Campus

16 weird things that will only make sense if you studied at Kenyatta University Main Campus
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1. Bedbugs There are so many bedbugs in KU. Especially at the Nyayo 4 hostel. It is so bad that the hostels should change their names to Kunguni zone.

2. Almost dying while queuing to register the semester’s units Every new semester, throngs of humanity congregate at the Graduation square and have to register for Units they will cover that semester.

Braving the sweltering heat the whole day in KU while registering for units should become a course.

3. Being a fresher in KU is worse than being a corrupt politician Remember being a fresher? Being herded at the Bishop square? Being taken round the school on tour?

Thing is, no one respects a Fresher. You are naive. You have no taste in fashion and definitely have no money.

4. Having to trek for Kilometres to a lecture hall KU is like a small county. You have to walk so far to a lecture hall. Or During exams.

It makes sense only if you have been to the Art Zone, then school of Engineering and finally Science Zone the same day. It is like walking to Mombasa.

5. Missing marks Missing marks are KU students worst nightmare. You want to graduate but you can’t because your common units professor misplaced your CAT papers. Shame.

6. Eating at KM and thinking you are richer than Jack Ma There is this buzzing, dusty city behind KU. It is called KM.

A neighborhood bristling with businesses owned by students and rampant crime. It has shacks where the most expensive plate of food is Rice and Ndengu for 50 bob.

7.Photocopying notes at KM The school only buys one book and then all the students in a class of 250 students have to photocopy the notes at KM. So there is thriving photocopy business just behind the University.

8. Students who live in Kahawa Sukari/Engen and Kahawa Wendani believe they’ve made it in life This because you can barely afford your hostel. So, guys who can comfortably pay a bedsitter in the Kahawa estates are considered rich. Houses range from KSh 10,000 to 20,000 at the said estates.

Big deal.

9. Cohabiting with a fellow student to beat the harsh economic times Sometimes, a guy meets a girl. They fall in lust and decide to get a house in KM where they live happily for 4 years and break up before the graduation. This is meant to beat the harsh economic times in the school and the loneliness thereof.

10. All girls leaving the school on Friday night and returning on Sunday evening If you visited KU on a Friday evening, the only thing you would see would be skimpily dressed girls carrying huge bags.

They claim to be visiting their relaz in Nairobi but we know better. They are dropped back at school on Sunday evening. With purses full. If only fellow students had money and were a little romantic.

11: Self-sponsored students (SSP) believe they are rich Students who part with over KSh 80,000 per semester and haven’t applied for HELB believe that the rest should worship the ground upon which they walk. Bros, you all need to chill.

12. The food at the Mess is very delicious when you are broke With a handful of coins, you will get a hot meat at one of the Messes in KU. Or at the Cafeteria if you’re feeling rich. The Mess is reserved for the lower tier of students who don’t have alot to spend.

13. Students from Bungoma come back on opening day with sacks of maize While staying over at Nyayo 4, some lads would report back to school with sacks of maize which would then be milled at KM. At one point, some guy came with a hen and tethered it to the bedpost. It clucked the whole night. As if afraid of what happened the next day. It is just too funny!

14. Cooking in the hostels with faulty electric coils Most of the sockets in the hostels have blown up but the students now cleverly connect live wires to electric coils when they are cooking. Not to mention that the tiny room gets unbearably hot.

15. Going for exile because your roommate brought a girl/guy to the room When your roommate brings a girl, you have to get alternative accommodation.

16. Engineering students walk around the school in helmets and overalls just to look cool.



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