Some Senior KUSA Officials Accused Of Trying To “Bewitch” Comrades.

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KUSA President Were Were powerful younger brother Galacha Were Rodgers, has sharply disagreed with his brother over Nyayo resettlement. He said the decision by Were Were is a Case Study – The 15K compensation to Resettled  NYAYO Comrades does not represent the stand of the NYAYO Comrades. He has accused some senior KUSA officials of trying to “bewitch” Comrades.

According to KU – Comrades Forum Community, Galacha Were  Roders said, The 15K Compesation To Resettled  NYAYO Comrades Is A  Case Study Of A Dearth Of Meticulous And Empathic Negotiators. 

”The rumour mill has been grinding for quite a while. It’s now already abuzz. It’s verisimilitude is now almost realisable. Nyayo zone comrades are being evacuated from next semester, January. This is to usher in renovation of Nyayo facilities and subsequently host the athletes. Oh, Yes! The story goes on.


KUSA President Were Were powerful younger brother. The Beacon of Hope Galacha Were Rodgers. Were Rodgers is rarely talked about in the media but he is said to be playing a very significant role in his brother’s administration. He is always at hand when strategic political decisions that may affect the family interests are to be taken. Besides being younger brother to the KUSA president, Were Rodgers and KUSA president enjoy a close friendship…. Those close to say that KUSA president-elect frequently consults his brother before making major decisions. He is a student at Kenyatta University taking Nursing and Public Health Degree.

This is a lofty idea. It’s unreservedly a welcomed idea. Making Nyayo zone a world class standard is amazing. Indeed. However, such maverick ideas must be taken with extreme circumspection. The buck stops with comrades and the elected KUSA representatives. Not fantasy!

Let’s come back to earth. For God’s sake, we are not scathing anybody, but sincerely majority of the would be- affected comrades are from backgrounds unable to meet out-campus expenses. 15K is a terrible injustice to this faction. Anything better than this? This is what freaks me out. This is a textbook case of how disunited and ideologically different our union might be. Probity appears to be sorely lacking in the union. Is somebody taking notes?

KUSA 2016

I feel we must stop this fatalism, defeatist sense among us that the situation is immutable, an act of God or nature that cannot be reversed, that incenses us most.This should be a throwback of 1950s. Comrades should have a chance to go back, to live a more harmonic way, a life that is not darkened constantly with fear and suffering.

It is baffling, disturbing and more than a little bit sad and wild. Fanciful. We must focus on the wider implication and resonance of this idea and more controversially it’s negative impact to comrades.This lugubrious incongruity spectacularly clashes with the spirit of comradeship. It is time to stop excuses and act decisively to end this snowballing furore as wonderfully summarised in Luke 6:31. 

NYAYOHang on a minute: I think it is time somebody took a deep breath and stopped this nonsense. This idea should have its last hurrah immediately or be reviewed to be comrade-friendly. Look, as if that isn’t enough, look at me, 30K is better. You must be pertubbed unless you’ve become acidic and inhuman. Surely, we shouldn’t treat comrades like used-up cartons of yoghurt.”

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