Ryan Tei Begins His KUSA Presidential Campaigns

Ryan Tei talking to his supporters in special needs
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The presidential seat has quite the attention of most in this years KUSA elections wth many routing for change which Ryan Tei has managed to coin to his advantage; #TheChance

Ryan and his team had the pre-launch at the KU Shopping Centre and later proceeded to the Kitchens (messes) and bought comrades some meals.

On average they bought 150 comrades in Western Mess, 120 Comrades in Nyayo mess and 190 comrades in Eastern mess.

Accompanied by a group of 50 comrades displaying his posters and other materials carrying the message of the day.

The interaction with the electorate, comrades, at the messes was worthwhile and a large majority promised to take #theCHANCE for a better tomorrow.


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