Mini Skirts, Mini Skirts Everywhere – KU Ladies

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I prefer calling them ‘little but noisy’ skirts, brief enough to expose large quantums of flesh and barely long enough to cover the subject. Perhaps these ladies are just carried away by conflicting interests of what they really want. Well, they are allowed to be in what makes them ‘comfortable’. After all, its a free world where ”my dress my choice” is the most common slogan. A keen onlooker will tell you that my female counterparts in KU are just a bunch of shenanigans, who flood their closets with kids fashion, so to say. Is this the much a person’s HELB money can do to them? Degrading the moral fabric of a society?

I wonder what these ladies want to portray. If asked, spotted legs with no appealing trajectories and meanders aren’t a thing to brag about and showing off to the whole world. If anything, they should hide their woes under long cotton textiles to at least save themselves from the giant shame of the ‘1GB menace’. In fact, nothing irks me the more than the sight of a lady with hairy legs and still have mustered the confidence of showing off ‘what they have’. It is always a nauseating sight!

KU ladies, just before you continue throwing unwarranted tantrums at me, let me school you a tad a bit. You know you have dykes and rifts on your legs- I mean stretch marks, extending all the way up-to where God knows, and still have the guts to dress in your choice of mini skirts? Needless to say, you are on the wrong track!

Should you make any rough rounds in your closet, then let it be justice to your torso’s garments- which should be long enough not to display your desperation for debauchery acts. It’s actually not in my capacity to determine the length of your skirt, you know better- we cannot bare the sight of skinny mosquito-legged beings even in this dawn of junks. Shelve your thighs for the right time.

As a fellow comrades, I have resolved not to see ladies pull down their skirts whatsoever the case. So, make resound and reasonable escapades in your closets and lets confer KENYATTA UNIVERSITY, the status it requires as the campus of our times.

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  1. Hello Kenyatta University administration,i wanted to do distance learning in food and nutrition course,is it possible if i can apply online?
    Kindly update me since am very far and interested of doing the course K.U

  2. Hello Sir .I love this article .standing firm and defending the truth takes a lot of courage and God’s Grace .I would love to get more of this man .


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