K.U Main (Gate A) Entrance CLOSED!

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Launching of Unicity Construction | K.U-Comrades Forum

As you get into the university, you realize a lot has changed. Most conspicuous of them all being, the renovation being carried out at the entrance.

K.U Gate A Closed | K.U-Comrades Forum

Notably, the entrance to K.U has been shifted from Gate A to Gate C. As it is, the commonly used Gate A is under renovation with the road being extended from the gate to the Clock:

Clock Junction | K.U-Comrades Forum

 where the road branched off to the library all through to the Equity ATM Junction.

This will be a great improvement considering how much the university has invested in a better looking K.U and also to reduce delays brought about by the introduction of checking for school IDs at the gate and also motor vehicle inspections at this main entrance.

My bet is as the September session students come back..this place will be looking all strange and improved. Feeling excited yet?! 🙂


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