K.U’s Unicity Mall Now OPEN! [Photos]

K.U's Unicity Mall Now OPEN! [Photos]

Kenyatta University has opened its own shopping mall known as the UNICITY MALL, that includes a five-star hotel, shopping malls, apartments and a full range of social and commercial amenities. The University aims to get its income potential through innovations and participation in competitive business around the mall. ~ Courtesy Magazine Reel

4. Kenyatta University’s Unicity Mall has Officially been opened by Education CS Hon. Dr. Fred Matiang’i

K.U's Unicity Mall Now OPEN! [Photos]


3. Hon Dr. Fred Matiang’i makes his address.He commends the VC on milestones attained during her tenure


2. A cross section of students and staff follow proceedings during the event

1. Hon Dr. Fred Matiang’i is awarded a gift of appreciation.

Hon Dr. Fred Matiang’i is awarded a gift of appreciation by VC professor mugenda


  1. I really needed this info about unicity thanks for the info but I would like to know more about it anyone who can offer to help me


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