He Is Not Stingy; You Are Just Not His Priority


If you happen to share the same fronts with a pack of idle girls, not even your ears will be spared from the nerve-racking gossip of how they kunywad. Leave alone the putrid smell that emanates from their unshaved armpits and the horse tails hanging on their heads in the name of braids. I must tell you that this is not the best of experiences a man would like. Hardly will these ladies tell you that everything they took in the club was sponsored by a ‘’not-stingy’’ guy, who was merciful enough to these earthly creature who were in dire need to quench their thirst for ethanol.
I don’t think that these not-so-appealing girls are even prudent of what comes out of their mouths. They are too quick to say ‘’mwanaume ni pesa’’ (which palpably irks me)but as they meander around in their perfected art of cat walking, you don’t need to be a genius to understand the loud irony they articulate in the name of ‘independent girls’ – who hardly know even the price of the cologne gracing their fragrances. Am compelled to think that these are the chips fungas who will stop at nothing other than ‘using what they have to get what they want’. This is their area of specialization! I hear they also attended the GES, to spearhead their bid.
You are just not his priority
Someone tell these ladies not to undermine the financial capability of any right thinking man. If I don’t buy you a drink or the Italian pair of heels you are dying to have, don’t be too quick to brand me stingy. If anything, that should be a tremendous eye-opener that your are just not a priority in my life. And besides, if you wanted to make enough mileage in my life, I bet keeping distance would be the best option rather than cheap attention- seeking opportunities.
Have this from me for free! Men have very crucial priorities that, in most cases, they are not willing to sabotage in the name of ‘’a passing wind’’.
Meet your bills first
Even before we engage in more chest thumping, why don’t you service your bills prior to baptizing me stingy? In fact, let it be known that the uproar from your side is not far from the woes of a frog in stopping the cow from drink the water. If I must tell you, you are a minute peripheral even in my AOBs.Truth be told!
Now you know!!!!!


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