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How to Create Kenyatta University Student Portal Account.

How to Create KU Student Portal Account.

In order to register online, you first need to create a CampusVue Kenyatta University Student Portal Account. Please follow the steps below to register...

Kenyatta University eduroam wifi

As a Kenyatta University student who - like most around - utilizes the available FREE internet connection made available by the school, then you...
Watch Citizen TV Kenya Live Online Free

Watch Citizen TV Kenya Live Online Free

Watch Citizen TV Live. Breaking news, kenya news, county news, politics, business, sports, lifestyle and entertainment from Kenya and around the world. .      

MUST VISIT: The Ultimate Gaming Lounge in Town: The Score Gaming Lounge | K.U-Comrades...

Leather Seats| 40 inch LED Screens| Playstation| XBox| Drive Gaming Seat Experience| Snacks All in one Spot👉@thescoregaminglounge GO GET THE BEST GAMING EXPERIENCE IN...
linus facts

Facts About Linux OS, #1. It Was Founded by A College Student!

Linus Benedict Torvalds, a 21 year old Finnish college student created operating system Linux. It was made public on August 25, 1991. A penguin...

‘In my heart, I am a gamer…’ Satoru Iwata (1959 – 2015) was the...

It is a rare kind of CEO whose death shakes not only their own company and the markets, but an entire culture. A single obituary...

New Concorde Could Fly London To New York In One Hour

The original Concorde, a flying masterpiece, could zip from London to New York in a breakneck 3 hours and 30 minutes. For many people, it...

Here’s How Has E-Resources Transformed Learning in Kenyatta University.

Among the leading universities in the world today, Kenyatta University had to, eventually, encourage the use of E-Learning facilities. As such, the university in...
Project Maelstrom

Project Maelstrom: Reinventing The Wheel?!

One of the most controversial topics in file sharing via the world wide web, is indeed the use of torrenting system (using torrenting software...



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