Why Instagram?

Why Instagram?
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Consider some statistics compiled by selfstartr.com in this great infographic comparing Facebook and Instagram for marketers in recent years. -Organic marketing reach on Facebook is down 63% over the last 4 years, while Instagram’s organic marketing reach is up 115%.
-The percentage of Instagram users who regularly engage with brands is more than double that of Facebook.
-Instagram has 58% more engagement per follower than Facebook.
-Only 36% of marketers are using Instagram, compared to 93% of marketers who are already on Facebook.
-Instagram has a higher average order value than Facebook ($65 vs $55)
-Brands on Facebook reach only 6% of their followers per post,. So, now you know where to grow your reach effectively and quickly.

But, if you’ve never included Instagram in your marketing, you may not know how to make it happen. And if you have, maybe a refresh of your Instagram strategy is overdue?

So, whether you’re a newcomer or just need ideas, these 10 branding tips i shared @Niko.digital will help you to succeed on the platform.


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