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We all know what a 3D movie entails or some of those who have experienced it can tell what it feels like watching a movie in 3D. The 3 and the D is basically viewing images in a 3 dimention. Awesome isn’t it? It is cool because we are used to the conventional 2D for 2 dimentional imaging that is virtually the monopoly of majority screens. There will come a time when 3D will be the basic of our TV screen or any other screen. 2D will die the deep death of black and white. When that time comes what will be the wow factor about movies. 4D will sure be.

What will be 4D? What will 4D have that will add to the 3D? Smell-O-Vision or virtual reality? Smell-O-vision is the next big thing in our screens. Whats smell-O-vision you might ask. The name itself explains it. Watching a movie coupled with smells in accordance to scenes of the film. Smelling the perfume of your favourite actor, the aroma of food in the movie, the fresh air of the forest of that scene, the fire and smoke of that action movie and the smell of various sewers of many other cities. How will horrors smell like or comedies? Bet this phrase will be common after a movie – that movie really stinked. Maybe even rate them with smell. Smell-O-vision sounds good in 4D but what about 5D.

Virtual reality! Is the theme in 5D. It tickles my fancy just by thinking of it. In virtual reality in 5D, one will be able to feel the heat, the speed in fast and furious trilogy, the gash of wind brushing your skin in that chopper in that movie, the cold and wetness of that dive, the weather changes in the movie (imagine going to watch a movie dressed warm because the movie will be cold or set in winter) and many more experiences not forgetting of course smell-O-vision will still be there in 5D. Movies will be intense when we get to 5D. We are left guessing what 6D will have to offer cause no way it’s stopping at 5D. Wait… We have 5 senses. Think the 5D covers them all. But technology never cease to suprice us.


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