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Mysterious people never know they are. They think they’re having beautiful experiences. Only the victims know the hell and pain caused by their mysteries. Good and evil are fighting each other over the redemption of human souls. The ultimate recipients of the consequences of this battle are human beings, and in this case, Juma’s family.

Juma (played by Allan Sifuna), a young man who just lost his job, has too much trouble around him, behind every step and decision he makes after his encounter with Mr. Black (Willis Gitonga). His beautiful wife, Talia (Carolyne Kamene), is ready to stand with him against all odds, but is it becoming too difficult for her? Is the priest (Kev Mafumbo) the right person to end all these evil schemes?

As the Biblical Ten commandments are incorporated in this Kenyan story, don’t miss the unfolding experience and drama every Friday 8.30 pm at K.U TV.

Created by: Martin Makosa
Directed by: Kev Mafumbo
Written by: Tonny Muiruri


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