Political Eye: KUSA Whatsapp Campaigns

Political Eye: KUSA Whatsapp Campaigns
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Because you’re in many KU groups, they name you a Blogger.

Because you’re fluent in English and can communicate effectively, they engage you in their political interests. That’s what KU politicians currently think. That by winning trust of a few WhatsApp noisemakers, they’re in a safe direction to victory. But resonate with me.
A WhatsApp group has at most 256 members. Most of the groups, more often than not, have similar people; am an example of individuals in many groups. When you campaign, you are only capable of reaching out to, at most 600 people out of the possible 70,000 people in KU.

Another fact is; not many people have the guts to read all conversations in WhatsApp groups. Most of the people mark them as read and close data to safe on credit.

Dear Politician,
Kindly stop hiding behind your keyboard and campaign!!!

Potential voters are not in WhatsApp but are out there waiting for you to sale your ideas to them.

Siku njema.

We pen as we receive it…


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