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Adventure Time is one of the greatest TV shows of all time. I will brook no argument about this.


While it initially looks like a twist on the ‘a boy and his dog go on adventures’ trope, it’s so much more; a rich, occasionally disturbing, but always enthralling universe.

Conversation Parade is a limited-run podcast series that aims to explore the characters, storylines and themes of the series. It’s presented by rapper andSecret Skin host Open Mike Eagle and John Moe, presenter of American Public Media’s Wits.


As well as featuring great discussions between the co-hosts, the episodes include interviews with the show’s voice talent and creators, which provide fascinating behind-the-scenes insights.

It’s available on iTunes, but if you want to get a taste before diving in and subscribing, you can check out the first episode ‘Finn, Jake, and the Necessity of Manuals’ (which has an interview with the voice of Jake the Dog,John DiMaggio) below:


Episode #1: Finn, Jake, and the Necessity of Manuals




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