KUSA Organizing Secretary, Izoh Mutwiri Sternly Warns To Event Organizers After This Happened!

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It is well known to all event organizers that they should first go through the KUSA Organizing secretary, Izoh Mutwiri in this case, before they hold ANY event in the campus grounds. In this respect, Mutwiri has placed the event that took place on 3rd of this month under scrutiny and embarrassed the organizers of the event siting inappropriate pricing of the event while barring the access of the Students’ Annex on such a day that many students find convenient to go there and relax after classes.

In a statement by the recently elected student leader, this is what he had to say;

It has come to my knowledge that while i was away the Annex management in collaboration with a member of the KUSA executive council jointly held an event on the 3rd of November this month that they were highly charging hence barring most of the students from using the facility.

I want to clearly state that it’s unlawful,unconstitutional and highly unacceptable for the Annex Management and the event organizers to organize an event at the student center without proper consultation and with the sole goal of extorting money from our beloved comrades.I want to out-rightly warn all the individuals involved in the malicious act against contravention of the students right.
With all the due mandate bestowed unto my office by *article 44* of the *KUSA* constitution I vow to protect the students interests in relation to my office.


It’s every student’s right to enjoy these organized events by both students and the institution as seen fit; hence our question today – what’s your take on Izoh’s statement?


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