Kenyatta University students Entered In To War After Brutal Online Attack On Twitter By Maseno University.

Kenyatta University students Entered In To War After Brutal Online Attack On Twitter By Maseno University.
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The Twitter Online Network met and the Trendsetters met. Representatives in both houses put their careers on the line by casting roll-call votes.

The result was to declare online war against Maseno University. These were the words that the House agreed on: “The comradeship is hereby authorized and directed to employ the entire Twitter and Facebook handles of the Kenyatta University Online and the resources of the Comrades to carry on war against the mere tweets of Maseno University and, to bring the conflict to a successful termination, all of the resources of the university are hereby pledged by the Congress of the Trendsetters.”

Ng'ang'a the blgger on WhatsappIt all started with the tag #SomeoneTellKU by @verifiedscotfield and Maseno University hashtagerrs (@Msu_tags) . Ng’ang’a The Blogger one of the most influential Twitter personality in Kenyatta University retaliated with the tag #MasenoShouldKnowKU

NG’ANG’A The Blogger (@itsnjokikelvin)  was among the group that led a revolt on Twitter to see Brinks Security pulled out of Kenyatta University. Him having 21.8k plus twitter followers  which is not a mean value, led Kenyatta University Students on Twitter by informing them that Maseno University Students had started a tag to demean Kenyatta University.

From the tweets  they were sending, Maseno students clearly felt agitated by the fact that Kenyatta University students takes pride in the infrastructure they have. One student had said that Maseno University gate looks like a cowshed , that’s why they were agitated by multi-million gate. So this was the base. Kenyatta University Students now informed, did not tolerate a BIG HIGH SCHOOL like Maseno University to throw jabs when they were just silent. Ng’ang’a The Blogger told Kenyatta University Twitter Trendsetters.
From the view, Maseno’s tweet might have surpassed Kenyatta University Students, broadly because they were caught unaware. This was evidenced by tweets they were sending to find out which university was the best.
From intellectual lenses. “Maseno’s students are suffering from superiority complexity, they know their university is lowly ranked and lags behind in terms of capacity building infrastructure but still want to be seen big and more superior”, Ng’ang’a the leader of Kenyatta University Twitter squad added.

Maseno vs Kenyatta University
Lastly it ended up with a twitter poll. Students were to vote for each university to see which one would lead . This is the twitter poll, out of 267 votes Kenyatta University got 71 percent.

The reasons why Maseno University Students slightly won was probably : they caught Kenyatta University students unaware, before they could know what was cooking they had already accumulated a lot of tweets. And again this war was so small for Kenyatta University, they had to eave  them feel like they won.

Later, both houses of the Trendsetters determined that the scope of the war had to be expanded, additional declarations were passed by roll-call vote.

Nothing was left to the discretion of the comrades about whether the Trendsetters would continue with war. The Twitter Online Network were “authorized and directed” to carry on the war.

Nonetheless, Kenyatta University Students On Twitter felt that the war was so small and uncalled for. Maseno is way down. Other followers on twitter went ahead and credited Kenyatta University, “it was like kenyatta University fighting Harvard University. Havard University would have reacted  the same way to Maseno University”. Effort to reach Maseno University Students  on Twitter have been unsuccessful.

Check out the hilarious photos posted by both sides here: Hilarious #masenoshouldknowku and #SomeoneTellKU Tweets!



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