‘Take stands take risks take responsibility’ – C.E.O Stafrica Designs

Click to enlarge | C.E.O Stafrica Designs As we celebrate Madaraka Day…remember that we are the heroes in our lives. Whatever we do with our...

Celebrating Madaraka Day the Onyango Carlos Way

On this day, I choose to celebrate the many men and women who worked in anguish and sacrificed selflessly behind the scenes to give...

Mr. University Kenya Aspirant from Kenyatta University

Brian Mengich Mr. Kenyatta University / Mr. University Kenya Aspirant Interview As you would expect, a Kenyatta University representative is among the contastants of the now on...

‘I Earn Ksh.150,000 Monthly From Dildos & Condoms’- K.U’S Wangari Maina Says. | Writter’s...

Condoms and Dildos are part of the products sold by the student. | Allsenses.writtersguildke.com SEXUAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP: ‘THIS IS LEGAL BIZ’ Wangari Maina* is just an ordinary...



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