Marvel comics Antihero Movie!

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Marvel comics at it again with an antihero deadpool movie. Who is an antihero? An antihero is a character in a storyline who lacks heroic attributes unlike your favourite superheroes with the likes of Thor, Superman and their fellow clubmates. Its so unlike marvel comics produtions to come up an antihero as the main theme of their movies, but here they have come with deadpool who is an interesting piece of a character. Deadpool in their previous productions was a villian but in the coming deadpool movie. HIs capabilites include accelerated healing factor and ability to talk too much, nonsense obviously. In physical appearance he is disfigured, but there is this thing with superheroes having masks and costumes so he has one definately to hide his disfigured self , and mentally unstable. What a perfect combination for an antihero.

Here is a preview of deadpool:

Can’t wait for 2016? Me too!



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