Kenyan Campus Lifestyle: Most Hilarious Common Stages

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When the semester comes to an end I’m overjoyed, but I realize there are insane questions to answer. “What have I done this semester? How many breakups and affairs did I have? How have I fared this semester?”
However, a concerned student will reflect how they enjoyed their academic time in campus, while others don’t want to imagine retakes and supplementary awaiting them. Believe me or not, we do a lot of crazy things while at campus but the time we waste while doing such things can yield good results if managed well.
As a student, you can have fun and get away with it only if you have a nice formula and let’s be honest; most of us are three-staged;

Phase I:
This is the start of the semester where you have all the time and you are busy looking for movies, series, house parties & tournaments. My fellows stay indoors doing different acrobats, preying on their preys. I bet this is the time when Exile is at the highest pick; Actually it’s a crime phase in campus for the infidels. At the same time, a party is welcome any day of the week and guys are loaded with upkeep and all. It is hard to find a full lecture room at this time of the sem. This is the time when lecturers enjoy teaching manageable class of 10 out the supposed 350 students.

Phase II:
This is the Middle part of the semester where you start attending classes mostly because of the tests and coursework. You switch on to ‘busy mode’. You are always waiting for the weekend as you still have time to party and watch movies. For the first time in the semester all students will attend a class because of a test. Lecture rooms are filled forcing latecomers to stay at the verandahs. Everyone becomes attentive and nosy.

Phase III
This is the end of the semester when you actually realize why your parents pay tuition fee. You start attending all lectures to cover up for the lost time. You get numbers of the focused students to ask, “Do you have notes?” “Do you have a handout for this course unit?” The numbers of trips you make to the Photocopier are probably more than some of the classes you attended.
You realize that the phases above are an eloquent manifest of where much of student’s time is wasted, the first and the second. Yet one can have a blissful campus life and at the same time triumph academically by devoting the required time for each and very activity while at campus.




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