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Welcome to Kenyatta University

When you come to Kenyatta University, you discover that you have arrived at a special place. The University’s main campus is set on a 1,100 acres pleasant and serene surrounding conducive to academic and intellectual growth.
Kenyatta University is home to some of the world’s top scholars, researchers and experts in diverse fields. We pride ourselves in providing high quality programmes that attract individuals who wish to be globally competitive.
And we have invested heavily in infrastructure and facilities to offer our students the best experience coupled with quality academic programmes and a nurturing environment in which our students learn and grow. Kenyatta University is the leading University in Kenya judging by the quality of our graduates. Our aim is not only to maintain this position, but to improve further and attain its vision of becoming a world-class University committed to quality and relevance.
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What gives graduates of Kenyatta University an edge over their peers is our emphasis on practical hands-on knowledge and skills training imparted to our students. Towards this noble end, Kenyatta University has established meaningful links with industrial partners, who guide the University on practical, professional requirements which need to be built into programmes at Kenyatta University. As a result, the University’s courses give our graduates a distinct advantage in the workplace. Already, many of our graduates are exposed to new employment opportunities by accessing industrial attachments during their study, or through course related placements.
Our Mission:
To provide quality education and training, through knowledge generation, research, innovation, creativity and community service.
Our Vision:

To be a dynamic, inclusive and globally competitive centre of excellence in the provision of quality education and research for sustainable development.

Historical Background

This year we celebrate the 25th Anniversary since the attainment of full University status. In 1985, the University had only three (3) faculties; Education, Science and Arts offering Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) and Bachelor of Arts (B.A) degrees only.

Today, the schools have grown to fourteen. Student numbers have increased from 2000 in 1985 to over 30,000 in 2010. Initially built by the British Government as a military base, KU was converted into an educational institution in 1965.

The college was divided into two: senior secondary school and Teacher education. The latter involved itself with the training of nongraduate secondary school Teachers. The two sections were phased out in 1973 and 1975 respectively to pave way for the training of graduate secondary school teachers.

From a humble beginning with an enrolment of 200 students, the college’s population increased steadily to 2270 by 1980. Plans to upgrade KUC to a fully-fledged university had been floated. Suggestions were also made for the diversification of its academic activities other than restricting itself to teacher education only. The quest for higher education especially at the University level among high school leavers exerted a lot of strain on limited facilities.

As a response to this increasing demand for university education, the government embarked on plans to establish more universities. This culminated in the establishment of Moi University in 1984 while KUC developed into a fully-fledged university in 1985. Kenyatta University started with a student enrolment of 2339 and three faculties i.e. Education, Arts and Science. The bulk of the students were enrolled in the Faculty of Education.
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Currently, the University has the following fourteen schools:

• School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS)
• School of Pure and Applied Sciences (SPAS)
• School of Education (SE)
• School of Environmental Studies (SES)
• School of Applied Human Sciences (SAHS)
• School of Business (SB)
• School of Health Sciences (SHS)
• School of Visual and Performing Arts (SVPA)
• School of Engineering and Technology (SET)
• School of Agriculture and Enterprise Development (SAED)
• School of Economics (SEC)
• School of Law (SL)
• School of Hospitality and Tourism Management (SHTM)
• Graduate School (GS)

Campuses • Main Campus – Thika Road
• Mombasa Campus
• Kitui Campus
• Parklands Campus
• Nakuru Campus
• Nairobi City Centre Campus
• Nyeri Campus
• Ruiru Campus

Expectations of Excellence

1.Research Excellence


This has greatly improved, attracting high quality academics.
2. Academic Programmes

In 1985, the University started off with 3 schools which now stand at 14 by 2010.
3. Increased Enrolment
The student numbers have increased from 2000 in 1985 to 30,000 in 2010.
4. Infrastructure Development


In the last 5 years, the University has invested over Sh 5 billion in building new and renovating facilities, including over 20 major capital projects.
5. Partnerships / Linkages
Kenyatta University has forged partnerships and acquired equipment and books worth millions.
6. University Campuses.
We have established campuses and regional centres in other parts of the country in order to enhance access. We now have 8 Campuses spread across the country.
7. Diversified Revenue Streams
Creative income generating ideas have been implemented including the Northcoast Beach Hotel, Kenyatta University Conference Centre and the Business and Student Services Centre.
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8. Human Resource Development
KU has established the Centre for Capacity Development.
9. ICT
This has been a significant area of focus as we develop systems and expand our capacity to access information and share it to enhance our management research, instructional, and service missions.
10. Value-Based Leadership
The Management has cultivated integrity in leadership and succeeded in institutionalising commitment to service and honesty.
11. Performance Contracting
KU has excelled in performance contracts, becoming number one twice among all state corporations.
12. University Ranking
Kenyatta University has improved its ranking both among African Universities and Universities worldwide.
13. e-learning
The creation of the Institute of Distance, Kenyatta University Open & e-Learning has enhanced access to higher education.
14. Transport Fleet Modernisation

We have phased out old buses, lorries, tractors and saved on repairs and maintenance.

15. Corporate Governance
The improved corporate governance structure has enabled us to specify the distribution of duties and responsibilities.
16. Marketing
KU enjoys presence in major exhibitions, schools and media.
17. ISO 9001 : 2008 Certification
Kenyatta University was the first Public University in Kenya to be ISO 9001 : 2000 certified and meets international standards for quality management.

Ten reasons making KU the University of Choice

1. World-Class University Education
Kenyatta University has, since its inception, remained the choice university for many prospective students both secondary school leavers and professionals in the market seeking opportunities for quality higher education, career growth, broadening of individual and institutional horizons as well as accelerating the realisation of one’s potential.
This is because Kenyatta University stands for academic and professional excellence providing exceptional support for students in high quality learning environments across the country.
2. Excellent Career opportunities for our graduates
Kenyatta University courses are market responsive, industry-relevant and learner focused. KU graduates are highly respected by employers. Multinational companies actively and often recruit on our campuses. The Centre for Career Development and Placement organises industrial placements for the students. Our alumni today occupy their rightful positions in various national and international organisations in the academic, manufacturing, financial, agricultural, health and services sector, and all other sectors of the economy. KU qualifications are recognised and respected worldwide.
3. Impressive physical environment conducive to learning, research and social life
Kenyatta University provides you with the state-of-the-art facilities to ensure that you get an unforgettable and unmatched university experience. The University has invested heavily in the construction of new facilities and the improvement of existing ones to ensure that our students get the best of their university experience. All our campuses offer excellent facilities to provide every opportunity to balance academic work with an active social life.
4. Flexible modes of learning
It is possible to enroll for study at Kenyatta University through various learnerfriendly modes of delivery designed to accommodate each individual student’s unique circumstances. These modes of learning are:
• Full-time/Regular mode, 
• Open/Distance Learning Mode, 
• Institutional-Based Programmes, 
• e-learning programmes and the, 
• Self-sponsored programme.
5. Diverse Student and Community Support Services

Kenyatta University has a strong track record in student support. The University has put in place an elaborate student support system which is both inclusive and responsive to the needs of the diverse student population. The Chaplaincy, the Counselling Centre, the Centre for Career Development and Placement and the Mentoring Programme all work to ensure that the welfare of the students is taken care of in all aspects. The University also provides students with quality health services, excellent sporting and recreation facilities, support for students with special needs, financial aid to Orphans and Vulnerable Students (OVS), countrywide students community service outreach and extension programmes.
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6. Teaching Excellence
At Kenyatta University you will enjoy high quality teaching, recognized and accredited both nationally and internationally. Our courses are also accredited by professional bodies. The University’s teaching staff comprises renowned researchers and innovators in their respective fields. This enables our students to receive more focus and expert attention in all their courses. They are committed to bringing out the best in all students, thus ensuring a holistic and world class education.
7. Modern state-of-the-art learning resources and study facilities

Kenyatta University has invested heavily in the development of capital infrastructure, academic and student welfare facilities as well as the general improvement of the learning environment in all its campuses. A wide range of new state-of-the-art ICT installations, construction of new modern research laboratories, library, lecture halls, student hostels and a students’ centre are either ongoing or have been completed. The new 10,000 capacity post-modern library is expected to be operational by May 2011.
8. Highly Competitive, industry-current programmes

KU offers a rich menu of courses across six (6) campuses, fourteen (14) schools and eight (8) regional centres across Kenya, offering industry-relevant programmes that impact on our graduates for life, shaping their careers, academic achievement as well as personal and professional growth. This means more opportunity, choice and flexibility for our graduates.
9. Growing Campus Network

Being the leading higher education institution in the region, Kenyatta University pursues an active policy of widening access as well as creating more opportunities for the ever increasing number of qualified prospective students. Our network of campuses and regional centres are located all over Kenya. This means that our programmes are within easy reach and for the comfort of the student.
10. Strong Emphasis on Innovative Research and Knowledge Transfer

Kenyatta University has established itself as the leading research institution in the country and the region. We are a research intensive University that pursues knowledge and solutions from a global perspective. Our researchers have made important contributions that have brought real change to people’s lives.