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Digging the Wolf Download by Steffanie Holmes (Werewolves of Crookshollow Book 1)

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the Requirements: .epub Reader is | 392 kb The 
Overview Profile: of Anna 
It's Been a five months since up my boyfriend of WAS Killed tragically in a climbing accident. I did not think I was over him ... until Luke walked on to the archaeological site. 
Tall, dark, sexy, tattooed, funny, dangerous. Everything I want in a man. 
But he's hiding something. He acts strangely in the moonlight. He will not tell me anything about his life. And I caught him trying to destroy an important find. 
My body aches for him, but my heart tells me I'm not ready to make myself vulnerable again, especially not for a guy who is not being straight with me. 
... Only the If 

of Anna the Sinclair - archaeologist, geek girl, Totally and Utterly a delectable. 
I knew from the moment her intoxicating scent wafted across my wolf senses, she's meant to be mine. 
And that knowledge is terrifying. 
The last thing I expected was to find my fated mate on an archaeological site. Whenever I'm near her, all I want to do is claim her. 
But she's broken. The last thing she needs in her life is a werewolf out for revenge. I'm here to destroy the site, to keep my family's past buried forever. 

If Anna finds out the truth, she 'd never speak to me again. 
But I can not deny the bond between us. I'll do anything to make her mine .